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Brian Douglas, Havana Illinois, Illinois animal cruelty, animal cruelty, dog killer, snuff video

GUILTY PLEA. Brian Douglas of Havana admitted he murdered Freddy-GUILTY.  A deal was ultimately reached on 9/26/2018. Douglas will serve 4 years in prison plus 1 year probation. His human victim will avoid further testimony. Douglas is now incarcerated for fatally wounding Freddy. Evidence showed, and he admitted, he struck Freddy in the head with a hammer and the dog bled out on the garage floor. Douglas filmed it and send a recording to Lexi, his ex-wife. Lexi stated to NARWAI that this is a huge relief for her though she wishes he had received a longer sentence. She is fearful of Douglas and prior testimony was difficult. We'll be satisfied that he's in prison and she was happy to avoid facing him again. Some justice is served. Douglas won't escape accountability altogether. He admitted guilt and is jailed for the horrific act of violence. His target (his ex-wife) can move forward without fear of facing her abuser in court again. Freddy's death was tragic and it caused pain and fear. Those who loved him will suffer long-term psychological effects . Knowing the statistical data on those who commit brutal acts of cruelty we hope Douglas is evaluated and treated in prison to minimize the risk of future acts of violence. 

CLICKBAIT- Animal Welfare

Clickbait animal sites, animal exploitation, animal abuse, animal advocacy

Advocates use social media (especially Facebook) to network and coordinate efforts to help animals. Clickbait sites are impeding efforts. These are sites/pages designed to grab attention, create a distraction. They use a shocking image or provide little detail (just enough to incite you to "click" on link and share). Advocates, driven by their love for animals, share for "help". Everyone's newsfeed is full of them and it's nothing but SPAM. Social media is profitable for those who exploit/harm animals in general. It provides anonymity. Further, funds are collected electronically, easily and quickly. Some "clickbait" sites routed through a FB link. Others are petition links or appear to be links to further detail.  Time taken to hit links, read/sign and share could be used to help in real and current cases. DailyPetition and YouSign are documented. They use false or dated information/images from resolved cases. Both resurfaced recently despite circulated warnings, only to again be "shared" and commented on by those who don't recall them or are simply unaware. New clickbait sites appear regularly. The pond is full and the fish are biting so why stop? 

The article content is irrelevant. It's NOT to help animals. They only need you to hit the link. The profit is in advertising and banners on the page where you land. The amount charged for ads is based on number of "hits" a web page receives . It's simple. If they can get you there they've succeeded.

They are using advocates and they are using our animals! Please be wary. 

Scott Winter and Vicky Young arrested for "Dog skinning" video

Scott Winter, Vicky Young, Canton Ohio, dog skinned, animal cruelty, animal abuse, dog meat

Scott Winter pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty 9/6/2018. He was sentenced to one year in jail for killing his son's dog. The judge is considering release with 30 days served while trial was pending followed by supervision. Winter and his girlfriend Vicky Young were both arrested and charged with animal in September. The evidence discovered in the house and revealed at preliminary hearings was very disturbing. First reported to have "skinned a dog while alive", evidence showed the dog was strangled til he was unconscious and then killed. There were remains of a second dog, a beagle mix, in a firepit amidst the horrific crime scene.

KENTUCKY- TRIAL 1/11/2019 Melissa Fitterer

Melissa Fitterer, Breckinridge County Kentucky, animal cruelty, illegal rescue, animal abuse

Subject of NARWAI investigation in Breckinridge County, KY will be tried by jury. NARWAI Reps and complaining rescue attended SEVEN pre-trial hearings to demand accountability for cruelty. NARWAI submitted documents/evidence to incite action and later, filed interrogatories into pretrial decisions, evidence admissibility and other actions. Testimony/evidence was revisited and was deemed admissible. This "rescuer" was under investigation at NARWAI for some time. We felt county officials were ignoring evident cruelty on the property. A kennel license was even approved. NARWAI is challenging issuance of the license per ordinance. 

This is a precedent-setting case. Animal crimes must be prosecuted per statutes regardless of location or local officials' perspective on animal life. Arrest made 3/25/2017- animal cruelty for withholding medical treatment causing pain/suffering, theft for refusal to return a dog to rescue upon demand. The cooperation of Deputy Tyler Hardin on issues this "rescue operation" is appreciated. He was instrumental in achieving results, responsive every time he was contacted. Deputy Hardin made many visits to the property prior to this arrest when we reported potential harm and/or stolen dogs on property. He also served the current warrants despite evident attempts to evade. 

This case could be the first such case heard by jury in Kentucky. The rescue that saved Lily has been and will provide testimony. NARWAI is involved to speak for the victim (Lily) and ensure the suffering intentionally inflicted upon her is not ignored. We will see justice for Lily. We will see this county uphold Kentucky's notoriously insufficient animal cruelty statute.

#ChangeGonnaCome #NARWAIstrong 


A case in Corpus Christi, TX results in NARWAI working with local officials to permanently improve animal welfare.

Copycat Killer in BASTROP!


LINK BELOW to video. WARNING: GRAPHIC!!  Niger Madison is one of the men reported to have viciously murdered a dog in Bastrop LA on the evening of 7/8/2018. This killing follows the failure of Judge Carl Sharp to adequately sentence Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler after they pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty for the killing of Choppa on video in August 2016. 


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