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National Animal Relief and Welfare Association is a grassroots membership-based animal welfare organization that creates change by being the change. NARWAI investigates/monitors cruelty cases and shelters across the country, works with law enforcement to seek accountability for harm, promotes reform of antiquated laws, provides a separate protected member-exclusive site for safe networking and educates members and the public on many issues that affect animals’ lives. NARWAI guides/assists advocates whose pleas for help have long gone unanswered. Our programs are built specifically to serve the needs of animal lovers. We work together to advocate effectively and network safely.

MISSION: National Animal Relief and Welfare Association, Inc (NARWAI) was created to fill a huge gap in the animal welfare community. The organization was formed to support the everyday animal lover, the welfare advocate who wants to help in the fight for justice but has until now had no voice. 


NARWAI is a group of like-minded people working together to tackle issues and problems we face. Our board consists of animal advocates with a combined decades of experience including:  business operations/political organization, "boots on ground" investigation, shelter operation, legislative reform and law generally. Members are dedicated to our mission/purpose and share the belief that all life is valuable. Members and affiliates are organized to form issue-specific teams. All teams/members are expected to operate in a manner consistent with our stated purpose/mission and to do no harm. 

Members can opt to receive training on NARWAI's protocol/investative procedures and placed on a cohesive, productive team. We provide training and tools/resources neeeded for success. Using this multi-faceted approach we provide the kind of help animal activism has been missing for too long.