Clickbait Sites, How and Why they Exist

Articles circulated on social media are filled with images of the most horrific cruelty imaginable. The content of articles in clickbait sites is irrelevant.Nothing done by or in conjunction with them is of any  help to animals. They only need you to hit the link. Their profit is in advertising and banners on the page where you land. The amount charged for ads is based on number of "hits" a web page receives . It's simple. If they can get you there they've already succeeded and our animals have lost.

Such sites always include a link that must be accessed to read further detail. The visible text will provide only enough vague information to pique curiosity. Clickbait sites are social media's equivalent of spam mail and are far from safe and secure. Social media, for many reasons, can be unsafe for animals generally. While social media has opened up a new world of networking and ways to connect with like-minded people they have also become a playground for persons who would exploit and/or do harm. Anonymity is provided along with the ability for any person to become any image they care to project publicly. Funds can be collected electronically, easily and quickly online. This is too much temptation for some humans to ignore. 

Some "clickbait" sites are reached through a FB link. Others are petition links or appear to be links to a factual article. Details and location reported may or may not be accurate but research shows that most are outdated cases long ago resolved.  Time taken to click on the link/s and scroll through all the ads to read/sign and share could be used to help in real and current cases insstead. DailyPetition and YouSign are the most well-documented and notorious offenders. These "petition sites" use false or dated information/images from old resolved cases. Both sites resurfaced and are spotted on social media recently despite repeated warnings. These sites are shared and commented on by those who don't recall the names or are unaware so new sites are built to replace those that fail. The pond is full and fish are biting so why would they stop? 

They are using advocates and they are using our animals! Please be wary.