Katy Nissan, katy tx

Mark Colon, general manager of Katy Nissan responded to complaints and immediately took action to end the planned auction of a small breed puppy. After researching and learning why this outrage had been directed at an auction of a living being, Katy Nissan reversed course. They now feature adoptable rescue dogs from a local "no kill" rescue on a regular basis. Brooklyn (pictured) is one of their featured adoptable pets.

This was not a battle that advocates had to fight to achieve results. Far from it. Upon contact from a few advocates this business immediately made adjustments. NARWAI representatives were aware and watched all activity but, due to the rapid response from this business, no further action was necessary. 

Katy Nissan gets two thumbs up for taking steps to ensure they will be part of the solution rather than the problem. We urge advocates to support businesses who answer the call of advocates and make necessary change. Mr. Colon was contacted prior to publication. He confirms that the adoption events have continued. He further states that several dogs highlighted by the dealership have been adopted. He is unable to verify if those adoptions are the direct result of Katy Nissan's feature on them. 

Katy Nissan is doing their part to help. CHANGE GONNA COME!